Friday, February 15, 2013

Packing Tips: Part 3, The Ziploc

The biggest packing problem for me is cramming all of the liquids, creams and aerosols that I need into that darn little Ziploc bag.  I try to travel strictly carry-on, making taking along everything I need a bit of a challenge.  However, it’s not an insurmountable challenge.  There are a few tricks that can be used to allow you to have all of your lotions and potions with you, yet remain compliant with airline restrictions. 

First, be clear about what really has to go into those bags.  Make-up pencils, such as brow pencils and eyeliner pencils are solid, so they do not have to be in the Ziploc.  Powders likewise are not restricted, so consider using powered eye shadow, blush and mineral foundation when traveling.  Anything you can take in solid or powder form will free up space in the tiny plastic bag.
Second, gather up sample and travel-sized bottles of the products you use.  Estee Lauder often includes travel size mascara in its gift-with-purchase packages and those small tubes can last as long as ten days.  Several of the large cosmetic companies give away samples simply for the asking.  When you go to the cosmetic counter, be sure to ask the salesperson if they have samples available.  They nearly always do.
If you can’t find sample or travel sizes of your beloved beauty products, get creative with downsizing the original packaging.  Just because your moisturizer came in a big bottle it doesn’t mean that it has to travel in a big bottle.  For example, a contact lens case can hold a few days’ worth of foundation or a week’s worth of eye cream.  Other small container options include craft paint pots, medicine containers and film canisters.  Any small bottle with a tightly screwed on lid can work.

As you pack your plastic bag, look at it like a jigsaw puzzle.  Fitting the pieces together neatly will allow you to squeeze more in than if you just toss it all in there carelessly.  Put your large items in first with the fattest items in the middle of the bag and the thinner things in the outer corners of the bag.  After the largest items are in place, fill in the gaps with the smaller ones.  Wedge tapered tubes together by laying turning them so that the lid of one rests against the bottom of the other.
If you’re a woman traveling with a man, chances are that his Ziploc will have a little extra space in it.  See if you can sweet-talk him into carrying a couple of things for you.  If you’re on a short tip, you might be able to share some things like toothpaste and shampoo, thereby saving room in both bags.
If all else fails, think about whether or not you really need to take shampoo, conditioner or soap.  All hotels provide them these days.  You can also buy what you need at your destination.  Unless you are traveling out into the boonies somewhere, you can buy the basics just about anywhere you go.  It might be fun to try out an exotic new shampoo or soap as part of the joy of traveling.  Just buy small bottles and leave them there when you go home.

Last tip about the Ziploc – you know you’re going to have to take it out at when you go through security at the airport so put it in an easily accessible outside pocket of your carry-on, briefcase or purse.  Those travelers who are standing in line behind you will appreciate your efficiency.
Visit this site again soon.  My next post will cover the most perplexing part of traveling for so many people - wardrobe planning and packing.

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