Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Travel Swag Bags for Kids

When I take my grandchildren on a trip, I prepare bags of fun things they might want/need during the trip. For spring break, I’ll pack disposable cameras, flip-flops, sunglasses, travel cups and Easter candy. This year I’ve also thrown in some bubbles and binoculars. Oh, and I include a little envelope with some spending money for the trip – always a guaranteed hit!

I hide the bags in the back of the car and late in the day, when the ride gets tedious, I tell the kids that the Easter Bunny must have come early and then present them with their goodies. It not only provides them with some basics for the trip, but digging through their presents breaks up the boredom of the drive.

In the past, I’ve used plain paper gift bags but this year I was inspired to get these little drawstring back sacks. My grandkids never seem to have the right backpacks for our little daytrips to amusement parks or the beach and these little bags from Amazon will solve that problem.

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